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A truly educated person ought to have a useful knowledge of constants and variables

Mr. Andrew J Chabot


Holy Cross College

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Holy Cross Arch

Morning, afternoon, or night, I cross the arch every day.

     The arch on the path between the commuter parking lot and the main academic building on campus provides a great microcosm for education, vocation, and life. On one side of the other side of the arch is an Alpha and on the other an Omega, representative of the path each of us is on from beginning to end, from life to death. 

National Mall, Washington D.C., one day after the largest peaceful protest of all time.

It is important to be involved in political action, but there is still work to be done every day on an individual level.

     Welcome! My name is Andrew Chabot, and I am about to graduate from Holy Cross College. I spent several years in other schools previous to HCC, as well as several years learning a trade before coming back, but I have really enjoyed the opportunity to combine my previous experiences with the experiential learning of Holy Cross in an integrated way. I found in the Liberal Studies program an approach that was both respectful of my previous learning and capable of building upon it in concrete ways. I found in the four pillars and core requirements of the college a reasonable and cohesive approach to formation of my whole person.

    The end result is that I know what I want to do when I leave, and I am on the right track to get it accomplished. In general, my love for communication and logical reasoning, demonstrated to myself and others by my experiences at HCC, have pointed me to law as a career. With this end in mind, I will be graduating in May with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in Political Science. I hope to attend Notre Dame Law School in the fall. 

     I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with the Holy Cross website (found by clicking on the school banner in the upper left hand corner) before you explore my individual experiences with each of the four pillars and some of my favorite classes. I hope you will leave me feedback to improve, and I hope you enjoy learning about me and my life. 

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